Unlock the full potential of your prized guitar or bass amp! Raise it up at the proper angle with an Atlas Stand. You’ll hear and feel the difference! We handcraft premium hardwood amplifier stands to improve tonal clarity and frequency definition, enabling superior volume and presence control and enhancing room aesthetics. Atlas Stands are heirloom quality functional works of art that exalt the most revered amplifiers and prized guitars in the world, having a positive impact on musical creativity, performance and enjoyment.



Standard Amp Stands

Standard Amp Stands are durable, lightweight and affordable. Standard Low Rider amp stands adhere to our strict standards of quality and craftsmanship, fitting a wide range of 1×12 and 2×12 combo amplifiers.

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Custom Amp Stands

Custom Amp Stands are made to order. We work directly with you designing and building your very own unique Custom Atlas Amp Stand.

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Custom Gear

We build hardwood guitar stands, guitar hangers, effects pedalboards and amp repair chassis stands to meet the specs of each owner. Click here to see our custom gear gallery.