Elevate your tone. Experience the full potential of your amplifier by raising and tilting it to the proper height and angle with a handmade Atlas Amp Stand.

Atlas Stands are handmade using premium solid hardwoods. Atlas Amp stands decouple amplifiers by minimizing contact points.  This process reduces the transmission of sound through tubes and electronics and produces a much cleaner tone. Raising and tilting a speaker cabinet produces a more defined frequency response, increasing clarity at all volume levels.

Our Low Rider design keeps your amp close to the floor which preserves bass frequency response while producing amazing clarity. Atlas Amp Stands improve your tone, definition and frequency response. Atlas Stands enable superior volume and presence control, enhance room aesthetics, and positively impact creativity and musical enjoyment.



Standard Amp Stands

Standard Series Atlas Stands have standardized dimensions and use mechanical fasteners and interchangeable parts. Standard Series amp stands are designed to fit combo amps or two piece rigs where the speaker cabinet is separate from the amp head. The Standard Series is our most affordable line of amp stands and built to take the abuse of the road. They are lightweight, strong, rugged, and stable. They come in two standard widths with an optional Table Top to support an amp head for two piece rigs. Each Standard Series Atlas Stand is handmade and adheres to our strict standards of quality and craftsmanship.

For more information visit the Standard Series page.



Custom Amp Stands

Custom Amp Stands are made to order to the specs and dimensional needs of the individual owner. We work directly with you designing and building exactly what you have in mind. We offer numerous design options including inlay, lighting, mic mounts, storage compartments, rack systems, figured and exotic woods and much more. Custom amp stands typically take a few weeks to build and require a materials deposit before we can start tooling timber. Each Custom amp stand project includes a free image gallery where you can see your stand as it’s being built from start to finish.

For more information visit the Custom Series page.



Custom Gear

We also build hardwood guitar stands, effects pedalboards, and amp chassis building stands. If you want matching gear we can build all of your stands out of one kind of wood. If you want gear to match your hardwood recording console, desk or studio furniture we can build it.  Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help.

For more information visit the Custom Gear page.