Introducing the Standard Low Rider Model

Atlas Stands would like to introduce the new Low Rider Amp Stand.  The standard Low Rider amp stand comes in 2 width of 11 and 14 inches. This will fit most amplifiers. It also comes in your choice of Walnut, Cherry and Maple hardwoods. For more information on the standard Low Rider visit the “Atlas Products” page.


Custom Amplifier & Guitar Stands

Atlas Stands makes the finest hardwood amplifier and guitar stands in the world for use in recording studios, at home and on stage. Atlas Stands are handmade to meet the needs of each owner. We design Atlas Stands to inspire and last for generations.

Atlas Stands are made to order. Our focus is on building only the highest quality functional hardwood gear in the world while showcasing the natural beauty within each piece of timber. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

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Kind Regards,
Josh & John